I’ll be away for a while


What I Found Wednesday

Okay, today isn’t food or craft related.  Its medical.  I’m a microbiologist and med tech.  I should have been a doctor but people don’t do what they are told and I don’t think I can deal with that.  So theres a sweet little girl with CHD is Tacoma and I follow her blog and her heart warm (literally) story.  Go support Shirley and all little folks born with CHD.

CraftLand Weekly: 25

For starters I moved my Sewing Machine downstairs for a few days.  This gave me a chance to sew more often.  R is semi-mobile now and will spend a happy hour rolling around in her walker, so I figured why not bring my machine to her.  This way I could also grab a few minutes durning naps too.  It worked well and I was able to make some stuff! (FYI R started at daycare 2 days a week today so the machine moves back upstairs and I should be able to get some serious sewing in).

First on the list of things to make, these awesome little shoes.  So its insanely hard to find functional tiny human shoes.  I don’t want little copies of my kicks, I want a soft shoes with a flexible sole maybe with some traction.  This Pattern is free and easy.  I attached some heavy duty drawer liner material (like you can buy in rolls for the drawers of tool chests) to the bottom so R can zoooooooooom around in her walker.

I’ve been working on this to-and-from bag for R’s school stuff.  Its Rifle Paper Co. fabric and its super cute.  I even saved a piece of the salvage to make a little tag inside.  I should finish it this today.

In the knitting world, I’m really cooking on the tiny sweater.  In fact since that picture was taken, one sleeve was completed and the other is almost there.  I can’t wait to pick out some buttons for it.  Also here are some proper pictures of the my last spinning project.  The fiber was purchased at Madrona in like 2013 maybe ’14.  It was chain plyed.

Some of my recent fabric purchases.  Both for R, to make tops with.  The fact that children of children of the ’80’s aren’t just covered in retro fabrics is very surprising to me.  Also WHALES!


Lastly I made this really quick on Friday because I missed making jewelry and I had a few spare moments.

Until next week!



What I Found Wednesday: June 21

Happy First Day of Summer.  From here on out the days get shorter and shorter and I get closer and closer to returning to sweater weather.  This week we’re talking about my seemingly never ending quest for a woven top pattern.  As you know I tried the easy Akita from Seamworks.  It needed so much altering that I abandoned that plan. I recently bought the Bess top from ImagineGnats, its cut out and waiting to be sewn.  I’ll report about it soon.  While attempting to locate the end of the internet I stumbled upon Oak Fabrics in Chicago and their great kits.  They offer a little kit which with shipping will run you like 20 bucks….


(photo curtesy of Oak Fabric)

I’m very excited.  Its New Look 6217.  If you google it you’ll see that yes this shirt looks great on almost everyone! Check out Kestrel Makes blog post about her two pretty shirts.




Craftland Weekly: 24

It was HOT! this weekend.  Stupid hot.  The rain pushed it all out, but I still have window and door open.  I got started on a project that totally wasn’t on my list but they need to be made ASAP since the warm weather is here.  I started a new bunch of spinning, with a bag of fiber that I don’t know anything about. I bought it most likely 2 years ago, and lost the tag in many moves.  Its soft and greenish.  My Bess top if just waiting for me to sew it, I got it all cut out thanks to the guest room bed.  I’m still refining my technique for easiest method.  I got a lot of little non-craft type things done last week, mostly knitting on my project.

What I Found Wednesday: June 14


BAM! Okay super weird thing to post right.  No not really.  At .05 cents a foot PaperChef brand parchment paper is a great option for pattern tracing.  Tape doesn’t stick to it so well because of its waxy coat but its pretty good if you want something cheap and easy to get ahold of.  Enjoy.


CraftLand Weekly: 23

Hi there!

Lots to talk about.  I made a fabulous bunt cake.  Started the second sock.  Took pictures of my Sunbeam vintage iron I got for a buck, its weighs a ton.  Walked down to the battlefield to enjoy some sunshine.  Thats the old stables by the way, its very very photogenic.  I got a kindle paper white a while back and I really enjoy it.  I knit in public on Saturday, while waiting for my oil change.  Who drives 2.5 hours for an oil change, a mini cooper owner.  I laid out my Bess top from Imagine Gnats, after much debate I decided on it.  The gray linen should be lovely.  The stack of fabric from Hawthrone threads arrived as did my yarn, thats 4 projects! I finished plying the blue/gold fiber and its being put on the doooo dad right now.

What I found Wednesday: June 7

This week its something old! But it has been made new.  Archive.org ! Have you been there?!?! Because you should.  Its a free digital library full of out of print goodies, like my personal favorite, Household Bacteriology .  (I big proponent of making the distinction between bacteriology,my speciality, and its parent field microbiology.  DO NOT confuse it with biology.)

Theres a ton of stuff to look at so have fun trying to find the end of the internet.


Craftland Weekly: week 22

Hey Hey Hey,

I’ve had house guests for the better part of the last few weeks so I’ve been a bit on the busy side.

Lets get started with the Akita shirt from Seamwork.  I’ve hacked the crap out of it, but still don’t feel very good about it.  I’ve taken 4 inches off the bottom and about 2 out of the back.  When I put it on I don’t think I’d pay for it.  This is not the first time I’ve been less than thrilled by a Seamwork pattern.


I’ve been working away on my sweater, I am not a speed knitter.  Its mostly about the process for me.

I got this great bag from Home Row Fiber Co.  and my order of Lykke fixed circulars arrived.  I also got a tin of these little safety pin style stitch markers.  They are much lighter than the Clover ones I’ve used forever.  The Lykkes are also pretty nice.  Promise to talk more about my search for new needles are why I need them.



I opened this great bottle of sparkling Rosé I had.  Buy it, its fantastic.  The cinnamon rolls of amazingness made an appearance.  Our lilacs blooms and so did the tulips.  Finally, I literally have a bag of Dicks in my freezer.  Thats all.

June Goals and May Wrap Up

May Wrap up!

May was Me Made May, a month of trying wear as much handmade as possible.  I don’t have enough to really participate but rest assured I did wear all of my me made clothes at least once.  Thats all 5 garments.

I finished my Washi Dress and wore it twice.  I’m super happy with it.  Like crazy happy with it, and want to make tons more.  Its such an easy sew, I was able to plug away at it in tiny chunks everyday and never feel like I wasn’t making progress.  I also had to do very little adjustment, actually none!


That being said I’ve been hacking away at the $3 pattern known as Akita from Seamworks magazine.  Its 3 bucks for a reason.  I’m about to chuck it in the scrap bin a buy a better top pattern.  I just want a nice easy blouse pattern.  I did print the pattern and cut the fabric just like I wanted to do for May.


I started my gray sweater, in fact I’m almost done with the back.

I did finish some spinning and started plying

I did not make a dream catcher or paint any of the R’s for R’s room.  Fail.

June Goals

  • Make one garment for anyone
  • Get the Yarn
  • and the Fabric for the tiny human gift I need to make
  • Start working on said tiny human sweater (I have until August until it makes its appearance)
  • Finish plying the yarn I currently have on the wheel
  • Get the green/white alpaca washed and hung up

Reasonable I think.  Also if you have a good suggestion for a top to sew let me know. I’d like to replace all my knit tops.